When it comes to glass repair and installation, Ballarat residents and business owners frequently encounter a diverse array of challenges. Whether faced with a shattered window at home or a storefront with glass damage, prompt and effective resolution of these issues is absolutely critical. Glazex, a renowned leader in the glazing industry, provides extensive glass repair services catering to both residential and commercial clients. Let’s explore some common glass problems and how Glazex can help fix them.

Glass Repair

Broken glass is a common issue that can occur unexpectedly. From accidents to weather damage, dealing with shattered glass requires immediate attention. Glazex provides fast and efficient glass repair services, ensuring your property is secure and safe. Their professional glass experts can handle everything from minor cracks to outright broken glass, offering same-day service and emergency glass repair when needed.


Windows are essential for both aesthetics and functionality in any building. However, they are also prone to damage. Broken windows not only compromise your home’s security but also its energy efficiency. Glazex specializes in window repairs and replacements, using toughened glass for added durability and safety. Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial shopfront, their experienced glass experts deliver reliable service and expert services to restore your windows.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors add a modern touch to homes and businesses but can become problematic if damaged. Issues like misalignment or broken glass panels require professional intervention. Glazex’s team of experienced glaziers is adept at repairing and replacing sliding doors, ensuring smooth operation and enhanced security. They also offer solutions for installing toughened glass to prevent future breakages.


Mirrors are a key element in both residential and commercial spaces. A broken mirror can be both unsightly and hazardous. Glazex provides glass repair services for mirrors, whether they are in bathrooms, living rooms, or commercial spaces. Their professional team ensures that mirrors are restored or replaced with precision and care.

Shower Screens

Shower screens are a vital component of modern bathrooms, offering functionality and style. However, they are susceptible to damage from daily use. Glazex offers shower screen repairs and replacements, using high-quality materials like laminated glass and safety glass to ensure longevity. Their hassle-free service ensures that your bathroom remains functional and visually appealing.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is an excellent solution for improving energy efficiency and reducing noise pollution. However, double glazing can sometimes encounter issues like condensation between panes or broken seals. Glazex provides expert double glazing repair and replacement services, helping you maintain the benefits of this advanced glazing technology. Their professional glass experts can replace glass or fix existing installations to restore your windows’ performance.


Splashbacks are popular in kitchens and bathrooms for their practical and aesthetic benefits. When these glass surfaces crack or break, it can be a significant inconvenience. Glazex specializes in repairing and replacing splashbacks, offering a range of designs to match your interior d├ęcor. Their competitive prices and timely manner of service ensure minimal disruption to your routine.


Glass balustrades are a stylish and modern safety feature for stairs, balconies, and terraces. Damage to these structures can pose serious safety risks. Glazex offers professional glass repair services for balustrades, using toughened and laminated glass to ensure durability and safety. Their friendly team of experts ensures that your balustrades are restored to their original condition.

Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing provides a sleek and unobstructed view of your pool area while ensuring safety. Any damage to pool fencing needs immediate attention to prevent accidents. Glazex provides expert services in repairing and installing pool fencing, using high-quality materials to ensure both safety and style. Their experienced glazier Ballarat deliver a hassle-free service, ensuring your pool area remains secure and attractive.

Don’t let broken glass disrupt your day or compromise your property’s security. Trust the experienced professionals at Glazex to handle all your glass repair and replacement needs with efficiency and expertise. Whether you’re dealing with a broken window, a damaged shower screen, or need commercial glazing services, Glazex is here to help.

Contact Glazex today for a no-obligation quote and discover why we’re Ballarat’s preferred choice for reliable and affordable glazing services. Our friendly team is poised to deliver prompt, professional assistance to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients. Experience the exceptional service and top-notch quality that comes from partnering with a proudly Australian-owned business committed to exceeding customer expectations.